NAB 2019

NAB 2019: Masstech Launches Federated Search for MassStore, Clover All-in-One Content Storage/Mgmt Suite

At NAB 2019, Masstech (Booth SU3710) is launching Federated Search for its MassStore media object framework, and Clover, a turnkey content suite that bridges the gap between content storage and content management.

Federated Search: One Query to Return Content Across Multiple Systems/Locations
Federated search is a new feature that enables Masstech users to locate and retrieve assets stored across multiple Masstech systems wherever in the world those systems might be physically or virtually located. Visitors to the Masstech booth can see how Federated Search makes true global content sharing a simple reality, even when using disparate production and Media Asset Management (MAM) systems.

“We’re very excited about Federated Search’s potential to change the way people think about, and use, their content,” says Mike Palmer, CTO, Masstech. “For a long time, one of the major headaches for multi-site organizations has been the inability to easily share assets across their various sites and stations. Federated Search solves this problem by allowing users to locate assets wherever they reside in their federated network, anywhere in the world, and to restore them to their local storage quickly and easily.”

This new ability to locate and retrieve content from physically or virtually disparate locations is not the only feature of Federated Search that has broadcasters excited.

“One of the things that our customers have asked about is the ability to not only search across sites, but within systems from differing vendors,” continues Palmer. “We find that as larger broadcast groups have evolved, some of them have suffered from a lack of homogeneity. For various reasons, they may have some sites based on Avid systems, for example, and others on Grass Valley; or there may be news organizations whose stations use different NRCS, and being able to share assets created by these disparate systems has always been a major roadblock. Federated Search enables organizations such as these to search and retrieve assets from across their entire storage pool, regardless of the MAM or PAM that created and processed the content.”

Clover: The Complete Content Suite
Masstech is also introducing Clover, a new, comprehensive content suite that bridges the gap between content storage and content management for video-centric organizations that are not looking to implement enterprise-level MAM and content storage systems. Clover is a unique, all-in-one solution that offers ingest, storage, transcoding, a configurable workflow engine, content lifecycle management, and a simple UI with a full broadcast toolset and a budget-oriented price tag.

“Clover brings essential broadcast workflows and tools within reach of organizations who are looking to bring some order and automation to often chaotic and user-intensive storage and management processes,” said Luc Tomasino, VP of Worldwide Sales, Masstech. “Increases in the sheer size and amount of assets that content creators have to process mean that stop-gap, piecemeal solutions come under intense stress, as do the users who have to try and manage them. Clover reduces that stress by automating workflows and other tasks that occupy staff when they could be using their time more efficiently.”

Clover comes with pre-defined tape or cloud-based storage, integrated transcode and user-customizable workflows that allow users to automate content processing and delivery into multiple formats. Clover also has a simple, intuitive user interface with integrated media player that allows users to archive, view proxies, scrub, mark in- and out-points. It also enables partial file restore, and embed content with enriched metadata that enables users to find their assets quickly and retrieve them with one click.

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