NAB 2018

NAB 2018: TVU Networks To Showcase Changes In Broadcast Video Workflow

At NAB 2018, TVU Networks will introduce major updates and new features for every aspect of the TVU ecosystem – from acquisition and transmission, to production, distribution and management. TVU Networks will showcase updates for its TVU Grid v5.0 live video switching, routing, and distribution system, TVU Anywhere app v7.0, TVU RPS Remote Production System v4.0, and TVU Command Center v3.0 cloud-based centralized management solution, as well as enhanced social media integration capabilities.

“We’re continuously striving for major leaps in the TVU ecosystem of live IP video solutions,” says Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “The new software releases that we’ll showcase at NAB have been developed as always based on user feedback. We’re focused on creating innovative tools that improve our customers’ workflows and look forward to showcasing these new updates in Las Vegas next month. In addition, we will unveil the next evolution of broadcast workflow technology.”

“To ensure the maximizing of our customer’s investments, all TVU hardware is designed as much as it can to be future-proof,”says Shen. “While TVU continually releases new software versions with new features, capabilities and improved performances, we ensure that prior generations of hardware can still operate, and our users can enjoy the benefits of new versions as well.”

New releases will be shown at NAB for TVU Anywhere – TVU Networks’ app that enables organizations to instantly capture and transmit footage from anywhere at anytime. One new feature of TVU Anywhere is remote access to camera on phone control from a central operations room via the TVU Receiver. This allows for complete control over the camera’s focus and brightness, and features Pan, Tilt and Zoom ability, providing an operator back at the studio with unprecedented control over camera framing and exposure without degradation of HD picture quality. Another new feature enables users to record and stream live video on their smartphone while leaving a full copy of the recording. TVU Anywhere aggregates all available data connections for streaming, including WiFi, cellular and Ethernet.

TVU Networks will also showcase a new version of TVU Grid – which provides live video switching, routing, and distribution with sub-second latency. TVU Grid includes the all-new TVU Grid Market, which gives Grid users the ability to exchange, share, and sell video content using the solution’s infrastructure. Users can view TVU Grid public video sources that are available around the world, and request to take the stream and make it available for their own viewing audience. The entire process of transferring a selected video source is automated with minimal delay from source to destination.

Enhancements to TVU’s video content management solutions include updates to TVU Command Center. TVU Command Center offers centralized remote management and control of all TVU products and services. As a cloud-based solution, it offers the convenience of remote access from anywhere with an Internet connection. With the new version, TVU Command Center now integrates with the TVU Booking Service, enabling broadcasters to better manage their IP video workflow through a simple-to-use management system. Extensive booking management features have been added in for greater options and control over the scheduling of daily TVU transmission. TVU Command Center also supports metadata creation and editing, including Story Slug, to provide a description of the event to be captured.

TVU Networks will also introduce TVU RPS for the first time at NAB. TVU RPS provides a simple solution for live, multi-camera, fully synchronized remote productions using low-cost commodity Internet. Ideal for sporting events, on-location news, concerts or corporate events, TVU RPS encodes up to 6 synchronized SDI sources in the field and transmits over a standard, low-cost commodity internet connection to a broadcasters existing studio control room for production. TVU RPS v4.0 includes new extensive support for the following: 16 channel AES/EBU embedded SDI audio, Variable Bit Rate (VBR) and the ability to set channel priorities.  

TVU’s social media integration capabilities are now updated to include Periscope API support to go along with existing support for Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

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