NAB 2017

NAB 2017: Signiant To Unveil Advances in Speed, Accessibility, Storage Flexibility

Signiant (Booth SL8711) will launch three major platform advances at NAB 2017. Focused on aligning with customers’ top technical and operational priorities, the company will showcase developments in accelerated transport to the cloud, universal access for the entire ecosystem, and storage choice. These capabilities further Signiant’s mission to provide the distributed media enterprise with fast, secure, reliable global access to content — no matter where it is created or stored.

Signiant_logo_lgA revolutionary new transport architecture brings the company’s acceleration technology to standard HTTP(S) transfers. Designed for a cloud-centric, standards-focused world, the recently patented scale-out architecture is capable of delivering data to cloud object storage at multiple gigabits per second. This standards-based approach allows customers to easily accelerate transfers via familiar interfaces, such as web browsers or CLIs and SDKs from cloud vendors. A further benefit is the ability to seamlessly optimize delivery of either file-based content or live video feeds over the same link, ensuring speed, reliability and security for all media transfers, as well as compatibility with emerging IP production environments.

For the broadest possible access to content, Signiant is introducing functionality that enables authorized users access to their files from anywhere, on any device, without any special software on the user’s computer. Although most users engage with Signiant systems via an installed application or browser plug-in to take advantage of accelerated transport, there are some situations where this is impractical. By accommodating users who want to use a mobile device or are unable to install software, Signiant enables adoption across the entire media ecosystem. System administrators can maintain full control and visibility of every transfer, while all end users enjoy a simple, uniform experience.

As storage choices continue to proliferate, Signiant remains committed to the notion of storage independence. Media enterprises have long relied on the company’s software to access assets stored in traditional on-premises file systems, and its cloud-native offerings set the standard for accelerated transport to public-cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. With local (on-premises) object storage gaining traction due to its scalability and compatibility with cloud architectures, Signiant now offers support for S3-compatibile object-storage offerings from such vendors as EMC, NetApp, and Quantum.

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