NAB 2017

NAB 2017: NetApp To Show Off New All-Flash FAS, Hydrid FAS Systems at Partner Booths

At the 2017 NAB Show, NetApp (S101LMR) will highlight its new All-Flash FAS (AFF) and hybrid FAS Systems, StorageGRID Webscale object store, and E5600 Series storage array at various booths throughout the showroom floor.

“NetApp storage technology is deployed by many of the world’s largest and most respected media and entertainment brands,” says Jason Danielson, Media and Entertainment Solutions Marketing at NetApp. “At this year’s NAB show, we will show how our latest all-flash FAS storage systems will help users scale massively without disruption and consume less power and rack space.”

New All-Flash FAS (AFF) and Hybrid FAS Systems
With the recently announced generation of AFF and hybrid FAS systems, NetApp enterprise storage has surpassed proprietary media storage in the value it provides broadcast and media companies. The ONTAP 9 operating system, running on the recently released AFF and hybrid FAS systems, can now deliver many gigabytes per second of video throughput in a single container scaling to many petabytes.

NetApp FAS and All-Flash FAS Scale-Out NAS Systems

NetApp FAS and All-Flash FAS Scale-Out NAS Systems

ONTAP 9 provides mature data management tools that improve efficiencies for virtualized application storage and resiliency for content storage. It also offers better application performance than other scale-out NAS offerings in most broadcast media workloads. ONTAP 9 software is delivered in three options to meet customer needs: ONTAP 9 is targeted for general on-premises enterprise use, ONTAP Cloud delivers enterprise-class data management in the cloud, and ONTAP Select offers a software-only data management solution. The latest AFF systems offer 15 terabyte SSDs for cost-effective and small-footprint random I/O operations such as broadcast news, transcoding, and VFX rendering. The AFF and hybrid FAS systems both provide always-on operations, even during upgrades and expansions.

ONTAP Cloud, available in the AWS Marketplace, will be demonstrated in the Elemental Amazon Web Services booth, SU2202.

StorageGRID Webscale
The NetApp StorageGRID Webscale is the next-generation object store for managing media repositories across space and time.

NetApp StorageGRID Webscale

NetApp StorageGRID Webscale

Through StorageGRID’s intelligent policy engine, operations can leverage both erasure coding and file replication to provide lower latency, better performance, and more flexible data availability than other object stores. Up to 16 sites can be centrally managed and independently sized to allow operational flexibility and simple expansion.

The system can tier content to digital tape or Amazon S3 cloud storage to best leverage cloud economics while minimizing bandwidth charges. Additional features include self-healing data protection, policy-driven lifecycle management, and software-defined storage deployments.

StorageGRID will be demonstrated in the Elemental Amazon Web Services booth, SU2202; the Dalet booth, SL6210; and the Scale Logic booth, SL5324.

E5600 Series Storage
NetApp E-Series is the storage array that is preferred by many post houses and broadcasters and is supported by Quantum, Pixit Media, Scale Logic, and EditShare file systems.

NetApp E-Series Storage

NetApp E-Series Storage

Large broadcast production workgroups and boutique 4K facilities, no dropped frames are tolerated, all rely on NetApp E-Series, the only production storage platform with 99.999 percent reliability. Operations can choose between RAID resiliency schemes, including Dynamic Disk Pools that dramatically reduce disk rebuild time, provide more consistent performance, and eliminate the need for hot or cold spares. Use of flash in hybrid arrays optimizes support for ancillary transcoding and rendering workflows.

The E-Series storage array will be demonstrated in the ATTO booth, SL9611, and the Scale Logic booth, SL5324.

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