NAB 2017

NAB 2017: Evertz to Show Latest in DreamCatcher Live Production Suite

By Carrie Bowden
Assistant Editor

Evertz (N1503) will be demonstrating the latest features of its DreamCatcher Replay System and Production Suite at the 2017 NAB show in Las Vegas. DreamCatcher is a modern IP-Based system that combines the functionality of several traditional live production tools into a single intuitive interface.

evertz-rgb-logoThis IP-based platform enhances production workflows by leveraging MAGNUM, Evertz’ unified control system and its high bandwidth network architecture, where it can scale to meet the needs of any production workflow, including 8K capture and replay. The software defined data center (SDDC) architecture provides a flexible IP-based design capable of quickly adapting to the constantly shifting requirements of the modern broadcast facility.

Evertz is excited to introduce two new DreamCatcher tools, DC-LIVE-EDIT and DC-MG for NAB 2017. The DC-LIVE-EDIT is an advanced video/audio editing tool that will allow for instant craft editing capabilities with render-free publishing. The DC-MG media gateway is an advanced content management system that unlocks the full potential of a DreamCatcher network by enabling additional functionality including utilizing unused processing capacity to complete jobs at unprecedented speeds and transcoding massive amounts of content in a matter of moments.

More From Evertz: IP, Cloud Playout, Big Data Analytics, and UHD/HDR
In addition to DreamCatcher, Evertz will be demonstrating its latest advancements in IP solutions for facilities, Cloud-based playout, Big Data Analytics and UHD/HDR technologies.

With over 80 deployments globally, Evertz is leading the transition to IP with its Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) IP-based solutions. New SDVN products will be introduced, including support for new standards, transport for uncompressed UHD over IP, remote/at-home production, and virtualization on and off premise.

Cloud based Playout: Evertz will highlight both Mediator-X and OvertureRT LIVE VM as virtualized, cost-effective, secure and scalable playout solutions for both public and private cloud VMs.

Big Data Analytics: inSITE, Evertz’ big-data analytics engine, provides real-time centralized operational intelligence for video broadcasters. This platform offers the unique capability of collecting and aggregating data from all machine data points in a workflow, regardless of device type.

UHD and HDR for broadcast: Evertz offers a comprehensive UHD and HDR solution set. For applications from acquisition to production to playout, Evertz is the only manufacturer that offers complete solutions in quad-link 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI, and IP, enabling UHD (with HDR) solutions in both new and existing facilities. Evertz will showcase its 12G-SDI products that include 12G-SDI routing, distribution, conversion, and HDR/SDR conversion.


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