NAB 2016

NAB 2016: Quantum StorNext Ready for Live 4K Production Needs

Quantum will demonstrate how the expanded capabilities of its StorNext workflow storage platform can maximize efficiencies in ever-evolving media environments at NAB 2016 next week. With new formats, higher resolutions, multi-format delivery and changing consumption patterns presenting both challenges and opportunities for content creators and owners, storage has become even more critical for future success. 

NAB attendees will have a chance to see Quantum's StorNext storage platform operating in a number of real-world scenarios at NAB next week.

NAB attendees will have a chance to see Quantum’s StorNext storage platform operating in a number of real-world scenarios at NAB next week.

“The Quantum StorNext platform continues to evolve as it powers media workflows for rapidly changing markets and their challenges,” says Geoff Stedman, Senior Vice President, Scale-out Storage Solutions, Quantum. “At NAB, we’re highlighting capabilities that give our customers more tightly integrated, end-to-end solutions from production to delivery to archive. With industry-leading support for multi-streaming, mixed-workload production, embedded applications, direct-from-digital library delivery and new archive integrations with leading applications, StorNext innovations provide dramatic and valuable efficiency gains at all steps in workflow operations.”

The booth will also feature several first-time demonstrations, including how Quantum hybrid flash and disk storage combines frame-based animation creation with stream-based editing in the same storage system. In addition, Quantum will present an interactive showcase of embedded applications developed for the Quantum Xcellis shared workflow storage system.

Live Demos of Multi-Stream 4K Production
The production station will feature live, multi-stream demonstrations of a 4K edit workflow using Adobe Premiere and a VFX animation workflow with Autodesk’s Flame and Maya, streaming simultaneously from a single StorNext infrastructure. The StorNext platform unites different areas of a workflow, including editing and animation, within a shared environment that eliminates the time-consuming transfer of content between workflow steps and can also handle a mixed file-size workload. In a first-of-its-kind demo for Quantum, the rack of equipment supporting the animation workflow will showcase the integration of hybrid flash and disk storage in a StorNext environment to deliver frames into the render farm with exceptional speed.

For Those Hunting for Archive Solutions
The archive station within the Quantum booth will feature animated presentations that explore how StorNext-based workflows support petascale archives while maintaining immediate access to media for content creation and repurposing. Making it easier and more economical than ever to take full advantage of disk, object storage, tape and cloud storage, the StorNext platform delivers both high performance and the quick, easy access to media that is critical to meeting short production deadlines. Quantum will highlight recent developments that enable tight integration of the StorNext platform with Avid Interplay MAM and other third-party archive management systems in multi-tier storage deployments that help users significantly reduce capacity costs.

Transcode and Deliver Directly From Lattus Object Storage
Within the content delivery station of its booth, Quantum will highlight for the first time a workflow in which its Lattus object storage system is integrated with media management software from Vidispine and other third-party applications for efficient transcode and delivery within the object storage framework. In this way, content owners can transcode and deliver content directly from Lattus without restoring to online storage or converting objects back to files.

Embedded Application Support on Xcellis Workflow Director
The Quantum booth will also feature a virtual partner pavilion that gives NAB Show attendees a preview of the embedded applications being developed by technology partners for the Xcellis Workflow Director. Accessible on an interactive display and on tablets throughout the booth, the partner pavilion will spotlight virtual machine-based applications — including MAMs, transcoders and production automation — and explain how they are integrated with Xcellis, reducing hardware requirements and improving integration for media workflows.

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