NAB 2016

NAB 2016: Accelerated Media Technologies Selects Haivision Encoders to Power ENGenesis Solution

Haivision has announced that Accelerated Media Technologies, a provider of electronic news gathering (ENG), digital satellite news gathering (DSNG), and electronic field production (EFP) vehicles, has selected Haivision’s low latency Makito X H.264 encoder and decoder to power the bidirectional video experience for its ENGenesis solution.

Haivision_3D_BlueENGenesis will be showcased at NAB 2016 at the Haivision booth and at the Accelerated Media Technologies pavilion (booth OE1309 in the Outdoor/Mobile Media area between the Las Vegas Convention Center South and Central Halls).

ENGenesis, the integrated solution provided exclusively by Accelerated Media Technologies, is a unique combination of LTE technology adapted to operate in the deregulated 2/7GHz BAS Band. In contrast to cellular bonding systems, LTE over a broadcaster’s current 2/7GHz BAS Band provides private secure high performance transmission. Broadcasters no longer need to deal with the expense and reduced interactivity of satellite, the congestion of bonded cellular, or the availability and stability of local IP connections.

“The Makito X encoders and decoders give us the quality and performance ideally suited to provide the interactive experience across our networks,” says Dudley Freeman, vice president of business development for Accelerated Media Technologies. “A news organization certainly depends on the quality of the contribution, but also relies on time critical feedback loops to keep all remote personnel coordinated.”

“Every broadcaster is looking for more content at less cost,” says Peter Maag, chief marketing officer at Haivision. “It’s great to see applications like this that strike a perfect blend of cost, quality, and performance that make a difference in the industry.”

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