IBC 2016

IBC 2016: Vislink intros new reverse video receiver for camera operators

With live performances requiring graphics — from phone numbers to live scores — getting these to appear on screen in the right position is vital to making sure the audience never misses a goal, or a caption never obscures someone’s performance. To eradicate errors from this process, Vislink has added Vislink ViewBack to its range of wireless camera systems. The new product will allow camera operators to check the final studio production of their shots, combined with any graphics or text, at the simple click of a button.

vislinkVislink is a leading global technology business specializing in the wireless capture, delivery and management of high quality live video. Its team of experts has launched Vislink ViewBack to make production quicker, editing more efficient, and to provide more effective collaboration between camera operators and the studio teams during live production.

Vislink ViewBack is a small, low power, video only receiver, designed to return video from the studio to a field location, making it possible for camera operators to see studio output, and perfect their shots accordingly. The lightweight, dual channel diversity receiver/decoder is compatible with any Vislink wireless transmitter system.

Using Vislink ViewBack, camera operators can quickly adjust the position of their camera to ensure that no important part of the footage is obscured. ViewBack can also be used for the reception of camera/studio output to a ‘production’ monitor on set or as a wireless teleprompt receiver.

Operating in the 2GHz licensed band (with an option for the unlicensed 1.4 GHz band), the ViewBack receiver supports Vislink’s high performance and robust LMST demodulation, in addition to low latency H.264 decoding.  Outputs include HDMI and HDSDI, the latter being switchable, in wireless camera applications, between the local camera video and the return received video. Picture interruption on switching is avoided by use of local ‘frame lock’ information extracted from the camera source. A lens interface is provided to utilize the ‘return’ button of the camera lens.

The Vislink ViewBack is supplied with flexible ¼ wave antennas, and various mounting options for camera and Steadicam rigs. User control is via Bluetooth using the Vislink App, available for Android devices.

Mike Payne, CTO at Vislink says, “ViewBack allows camera operators to easily check the final studio output whilst they are filming the action. We have designed it to be robust, lightweight and simple to use with our existing wireless camera systems. There is no reason now for the focus of the live action to covered up by a graphic or headline. ViewBack can help get the best shot first time.”

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